Oracle offers 180+ certification exams in a broad range of technologies to help you continue learning and continue expanding your skills and knowledge throughout your career. Preparing for these exams is simplified by following recommended Oracle University training, practice using hands on labs, quizzes available on, detailed practice exams that can be purchased through Oracle University, and digital learning offered through learning subscriptions.

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Prepare for Oracle Certification exams using available tools:

Oracle University Training Courses
Oracle’s portfolio of training in-class, on demand, or live virtual training courses, build your product expertise and equip you with the skills you need to become a product expert. Courses are taught by Oracle subject matter experts in a format that fits your busy schedule.
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Oracle Learning Subscriptions
Learning subscriptions offer 24/7 digital access to training that evolves with each new product release. Content is continually updated throughout your 12-month access to the subscription. Complete training in your own time, at your own pace. This training format leads you through digital courses in a clear learning path. Most subscriptions include one attempt of relevant exams at no additional cost. Simply click on the exam link in the subscription and schedule your exam appointment at a test center or at your own location through online proctoring.
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Practice Exams
Increase your chance of passing the exam with Oracle Certification exam practice tests.
     • Practice tests use realistic exam simulations to help you prepare. Get a sneak preview of what to expect on the actual exam.
     • Authorized practice exams help you identify your strengths and weaknesses before you take the exam. This realistic self-assessment will focus your studying.
     • Practice exams utilize best-in-class practice exam prep tools, including:
          o Learning Mode: fully customize your own practice exam preferences
          o Certification Mode: simulates a real, timed testing situation
          o Flash Cards: self-check your knowledge of key topical concepts

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