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Covering three different exams, our all-in-one PC Pro course will take your knowledge and skill levels in PC repair and service from novice to pro. You will learn how to build, configure, and maintain a PC as well as learn the basics of networking and security. Using LabSim’s video tutorials, demonstrations, and hands-on lab simulations, you will not only be able to prove that you know the material, you will also be able to demonstrate you can perform the IT tasks employers are looking for.

The TestOut PC Pro course prepares you for three exams and two industry certifications: (You must pass both the 220-901 exam and the 220-902 exam to become CompTIA A+ certified)

  • TestOut PC Pro Certification
  • CompTIA A+ 220-901
  • CompTIA A+ 220-902



Based on the new simulated office environment that was introduced in the TestOut Network Pro course, you will be required to complete tasks on several computers in different offices. For example, you may be asked to set up a printer in one location and then go to a different office space and set that printer as the CEO’s default printer.

In addition to updating all of the simulations to a Windows 7 environment, TestOut has also added Capstone simulations. Each will put your cumulative knowledge to the test by requiring you to perform true-to-life tasks such as troubleshooting a PC that a customer drops off and simply tells you “It won’t turn on”. You’ll also find new diagnostic tools including a memory tester and power supply tester.

With 96 included lab simulations, TestOut PC Pro will give you the skills that you need to pass TestOut’s PC Pro Certification exam, the only certification exam based on certifying what a person can do, not what they can memorize. You will also be well prepared to take CompTIA’s 220-901 and 220-902 A+ exams. Give yourself the edge on the competition by training for all three exams with TestOut PC Pro.



LabSim includes everything you need to prepare for certification.

  • Our comprehensive training methodology includes video, text, labs, and certification test prep software.
  • Hands-on labs let you practice both hardware and software configuration tasks in a virtual environment.
  • Online delivery gives you instant, anywhere access through most major browsers on both PC and Mac.
  • Reporting and assessment tools make LabSim perfect for use in a classroom or distance-learning classes.

NOTE: LabSim does not include the cost of vendor or association certification exams.